Things You Need to Know About Hunting in Arizona

With animal rights groups at the helm, it can be difficult to find out whether Arizona permits hunting or not. It is best that you learn more of them before you get caught by the law and have to pay a fine or have to stay in prison for it. Arizona is a particularly good state for bow hunting.  The weather and conditions actually makes it a perfect state for crossbow hunting. The barnett jackal crossbow tends to be the most popular crossbow used in the wilds out in this state.

Who Can Hunt?

You need to carry the appropriate hunting license if you want to hunt in Arizona. As long as you possess this license, anyone can hunt in this state. There are different kinds of hunting licenses available in Arizona. Children aged 10 and under can hunt without a license, as long as they are accompanied with an adult. No child under the age of 14 can take the big game unless they have completed the Hunter Education Course. For those under the age of 10, they are not permitted to take the big game with them in Arizona.

Nonresident vs Resident Hunting License

To acquire the resident hunting license, the person must at least be living in Arizona for the past 6 months before they can apply for this license.

The nonresident license is applicable for non-residents of Arizona. What’s permitted in this license is that it is valid in taking nongame and small game birds, except swans, geese and ducks. There are particular exceptions for the military that are stationed in the State.

Apply for the Hunt

If you want to apply for the hunt, here are some tips.

If you are going for the small game, just a general hunting license is acceptable. There are certain cases in which appropriate stamps for the waterfowl and migratory species are required.

You need to apply for the permit-tag if you are to hunt the big game such as the black bear, antelope, desert bighorn sheep, buffalo, turkey, javelina, elk, mule deer, whitetailed deer and mountain lion. You can find the Hunt Permit-Tag Application Forms online and also at the Fish Department and Arizona Game offices. You can also find these application forms at various places that issue the licenses.

When is hunting considered legal?

You will be given a guide on when it is legal to hunt in Arizona. There are open season dates determined for the small and big game. You are legally allowed to shoot at daylight hours. It is illegal to take wildlife by artificial light or moonlight, except for the ones made for reptiles, raccoons and other particular mammals.

Where is it permitted to hunt in Arizona?

You can hunt on the lands that are owned by the US Forest Service, the Arizona State Land Department and the Bureau of Land Management. The land in Arizona is managed or owned by 6 different entities, wherein they have differing regulations and rules. These are the Military Installations, National Wildlife Refuges, Indian Reservations, the State of Arizona, Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service.

It is your responsibility to take note of the common violations of hunters in the area. One of the most obvious is hunting without a license, but there are still people that are hard-headed enough not to follow such a basic rule.