Best Things to do in Greer, Arizona

Greer is located in the White Mountains of Arizona, and the Apache-Sitgreaves surrounds it. It is one of the most beautiful recreational paradises in the world. It is a great place to relax with your family and friends. Greer has something for everyone. You can go for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, horse riding and even skiing. You get to see many beautiful lakes and streams in the mountain village. The wildlife at Greer will capture your heart and mind. If you feel that you are stressed with your daily work, Greer is a perfect place for you to experience a journey back to a simpler time. It has something for all ages and is also perfect to get lost in nature. The local culture makes you feel welcomed, and you will have a great time in the mountains.

Best Things to do in Greer, Arizona

The following are some of the best things to do in Greer, Arizona:

Sunrise Park Resort:

Never miss out the Sunrise Park Resort as it has a wide range of outdoor activities. It is located on the Apache Indian Reservation, and the resort has events all through the year. There are three peaks in the resort named Sunrise Peak, Apache Peak and the Cyclone Peak. The Sunrise Park Resort is owned by the Apache tribe in the White Mountains. If you visit during the winter, you will have the opportunity to Ski through the mountains, and there is also a snowboard terrain park.

Bird Watching:

The Apache-Sitgreaves are one of the best places for bird watching. You will be able to see many birds and have an enjoyable day. Bird watchers from all over the world come to Greer to watch all the different varieties of bird in the mountains. In the summertime, you will be able to see birds like dusky, Clark’s nutcracker, green-tailed towhee, willow flycatchers etc. When the temperature in the mountains begins to cool down, most of these birds migrate to the Southern part of Mexico and South America.


If you are an adventure lover, the Greer is an excellent place for you to go for Hiking. You get to see some great scenery. Don’t miss out to explore the Squirrel Springs, Butler Canyon, West Fork and the East Fork trails. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to go on these hikes. The trails are very easy and adventures at the same time. When you go for a hike, make sure that you get all the needed provisions.

Horse Riding:

You have a variety of Horseback riding at Greer. You might be a novice rider or an equestrian, there is something for all types of riders and you also have the option of going on small rides, or you can spend your whole day horse riding. During the winter season, the sleighs are drawn by horses, and it is a popular tourist attraction. You are allowed to bring your horse or rent a horse from many stall rentals.